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I Am Not Homer

I Am Not Homer is a celebration of the comic versatility of Dan Castellaneta, the voice of not only Homer Simpson, but Barney, Groundskeeper Willie, Krusty, and Grandpa as well. Alongside comedian (and wife) Deb Lacusta, Castellaneta offers forth his first comic sketch album, a collection of eight sketches and one song ("Homerís Lament").

I Am Not Homer

by Dan Castellaneta
Audio CD (April 23, 2002)
Label: Oglio Records
ASIN: B000063ITD

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Editorial Reviews
I Am Not Homer is a celebration of the comic versatility of Dan Castellaneta, the voice of not only Homer Simpson, but Barney, Groundskeeper Willie, Krusty, and Grandpa as well. Alongside comedian (and wife) Deb Lacusta, Castellaneta offers forth his first comic sketch album, a collection of eight sketches and one song ("Homerís Lament"). Featuring a score of well-crafted characters, many of the numbers meander on for lengthy stretches, the charactersí discomfort so palpable as to be funny. Half of the sketches are set in the world of AM radio, and the general unease of the hosts as they desperately fish for words to fill the airwaves has the ring of truth despite the absurdity of the topic at hand. The ease with which Castellaneta creates his different characters is complete; it seems as if any character his mind conceives simply comes out of him as if he were a comic/psychic channeling the voices of his imagination. On "Dynamite Sales," lecturer Sheila Wary (Lacusta) says to student Winthrop Bejou (pronounced "B.O."), "The mind is a very powerful thing--in order for you to create any situation, you just have to think about it first." After a long pause, Winthrop asks, "Then how come you're not naked?" The mind of Dan Castellaneta is a very powerfully hilarious thing. - Mark Huntsman

Album Description Dan Castellaneta is not Homer. He is an incredibly versatile comic performer with timing and delivery so unique it makes you laugh even after you've heard it a dozen times. And Deb Lacusta (Dan's real-life wife) may not be Marge Simpson, but she is a wickedly funny comedienne, whose mellifluous voice belies an acid wit beneath. Together they are a latter-day Nichols and May, skewering modern media and couplehood in this entertaining and engaging CD. Besides which, you get to hear Dan as Homer, Grampa, Barney, and the embittered Scotsman Groundskeeper Willie sing the catchy tune "So Dumb (Homer's Lament)." How cool is that? Doh!

Customer Reviews
Dan, Dan, he's our man!, June 10, 2003
Reviewer: Johnny Heering from Bethel, CT United States

This is labeled as a Dan Castellaneta album, but it's really a Dan Castellaneta and Deb Lacusta album (other than the one musical cut). I guess her name got left off the album cover because they figured nobody ever heard of her (I know I didn't). Dan and Deb do sketch comedy in the Nichols and May tradition. They aren't quite as funny as Nichols and May, but they do have their moments. The final track here features Dan as Homer performing a song in the style of the Pet Sounds/Smile era Beach Boys. It's very funny, and will be the track of the most interest to Simpsons fans. I guess I should explain the album title, for those of you who don't get it. It's a takeoff of Leonard Nimoy's book title "I Am Not Spock". See, Dan is even making the Vulcan "live long and prosper" hand gesture on the cover. Yes, I'm a geek for knowing that.

"Mmmmmmmm.... Funny....", February 11, 2003
Reviewer: James Brasch from Frankfort, Illinois USA

For those of you outside of the loop, Dan has been around for years and has been just as funny then as he is now on this album. Perhaps best known for the multitude of voices he provides for "The Simpsons" (most notably, as the titular Homer), Dan shows off the comic genius that brought him to the attention of the producers for the show. On this album Dan provides several more voices (with a little help from his wife, Deb Lacusta) to inhabit the strange characters in his equally strange world. Although Dan mostly limits his skewered observations and commentaries on the AM radio circuit, he has enough fodder here to provide some true gems of comedy (standout tracks include "Badger Baseball" and "Drive Time" - the latter concerning a husband/wife morning zoo crew who've been married for perhaps a little too long). Dan's timing and delivery is on par with perhaps the best comedians and although his sketches can run long, it's fascinating to hear what he'll do next and what bizarre direction the sketch will take. Although a bit out of left field, the disc does contain at least one prerequisite track for fans of Dan's work from The Simpsons. Here you'll see just how much Dan contributes to that show, but it's even better to hear the beginning tracks to see how he got just so damn good at comedy...

Dan Castellaneta: The Other Side of His Comedy Maddness, July 5, 2002
Reviewer: Michael Crane from Orland Park, IL USA

This is a really funny CD. Eventhough I knew that it wasn't going to consist of just Simpsons bits, I had a good feeling about this CD. Dan Castellaneta's (how the hell do you say that name, anyway?!) "I am Not Homer" gives us a chance to see that he is just as funny outside of the world of the Simpsons.

This CD contains sketches written and performed by his wife. They are well planned and well thought out, brining out some of the most funniest moments you will hear on a comedy album. From getting som therapy on the radio to trying to be a successful salesman, this CD is hillarious. My favorite tracks are "AM therapy," "badger baseball," "Citizen Kane," (I agree with his wife on this subject) and "drive time." I also like the track, "so dumb," which features Dan using his many voices heard on the Simpsons show.

All in all, a very funny album. Why are you reading this? Check it out and see the other side to Dan's comedic brilliance. Very good CD.

Homer does Brian Wilson, May 27, 2002
Reviewer: classicsitcoms from Los Angeles, CA United States

Although he's achieved global fame as TV's Homer, there may well be a fan or two of this versatile actor who aren't aware that Dan Castellaneta got his start as a quick change artist on the stages of Second City and other improv venues across the country. But this album of sparkling sketches (and one epic pop song) returns Dan to his roots as a character comic capable of lightning fast shifts in mood, voice and attitude in this series of well polished comic portraits created and performed with Dan's longtime partner in comedy, Deb Lacusta. Together, Deb and Dan skewer marriage, childhood, the media, hero worship and a few dozen other sacred American institutions in eight lively sketches that would alone be worth the price of admission without the added bonus of a Homer Simpson original. As for Homer's pop song--it's a gem of production written and performed by Dan using most of his best known Simpsons voices in a grand hommage to Brian Wilson in all his "Heroes and Villains"-era splendor. Need I say more?

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